Single Point Diamond Turning


AOS's Single-Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) centers produce superior optical surface finishes and consistent performance in plastic and metals. AOS is vertically integrated with Optical and Mechanical Engineering, SPDT, Optical Molding, Metrology and testing, all of which is performed in-house.

Our expertise in diffractive and refractive optics has placed AOS at the forefront of the optics industry.

Diamond Turning can bridge the gap between prototype and production molded optics.

Apollo Optical Systems currently has three Single Point Diamond Turning Centers: Two Precitech Optimum 2400 two axis centers and one three axis Precitech Nanoform 200 (for manufacturing asymmetrical components).

AOS has custom proprietary diamond tools that can produce a radius as small as 1.5 micron.

AOS produces optical components ranging from 1 mm to 500 mm in diameter.

AOS has achieved better than the typical finishes in all materials. For example AOS has achieved a 13 Å RMS surface finish in Nickel for a specific customer and 31 Å RMS surface finish in Polystyrene for another customer.

What can we do for you?

Apollo Optical typically achieves 60-80 Å RMS surface finish and < ½ wave peak-to-valley surface figure in most polymers. Apollo Optical typically achieves 30-50 Å RMS surface finish and < ¼ wave peak-to-valley in metals.

SPDT can produce sub-wavelength form accuracy; therefore your metrology must be in the critical path and manufacturing process.

AOS routinely diamond turns optics from the following materials; plastic (Acrylic, Styrene, Polycarbonate, Zeonex, Ultem), Nickel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum and many other materials.

Quality from beginning to end

From our initial discussions through delivery, quality is always our main concern that is why our Single Point Diamond Turning center is supported by the latest AOS metrology. Our knowledge and extensive experience of optical design and metrology allows us to perform complete characterization of all our components and assemblies.

AOS has an extensive in-house design, assembly and testing infrastructure to support its Single Point Diamond Turning and Molding services. Support capabilities include:

Optical Engineering

  • Surface Modeling
  • Lens Design

Optical Testing

  • Extensive Interferometry
  • Diffraction Efficiency
  • MTF


  • Contact and non-contact

AOS Single Point Diamond Turn and Polymer Optics molding capabilities include the following:


AOS uses proprietary software in combination with commercial optical mechanical design software (OSLO, CodeV, Zemax, DIFFSYS, Inventor, Solid Works) to deterministically produce optical components and systems.

The Bottom Line, we deliver optics solutions that work with your system, fit your budget, and meet your schedule.