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Apollo Optical is an Illumination Optics Manufacturing company specialized in the making of professional illumination and light products with more than 40 years in the market and more than 5000 satisfied customers. We offer a personalized custom service to all our customers in all their lighting projects and we ship nationwide.

Quality Guaranteed

We give our all in search of customer satisfaction, making a huge effort in the testing and analysis of all our lighting products. The final goal is clear: to offer the best products for architectural and design lighting.

In addition, we pay attention to the quality of our products and the advisory service we offer to all our customers by providing personalized attention for each of the lighting projects related to optical design and assembly they present to us.

Amongst the optical lighting solutions you can find there are:

  • Design for manufacture
  • Design verification of an existing optical design
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Design for imaging and illumination (non-imaging) systems

Professional LED Luminaire Manufacturer

We manufacture a wide range of LED lamps for architectural and design lighting. We manufacture from recessed LED wall lights to outdoor lamps with high power LEDs for facade lighting or wall lights with IP68 protection for underwater lighting of swimming pools and fountains.

AOS scientists and engineers have experience with the major optical (ZEMAX®, CODE V®, OSLO®) and mechanical (SOLIDWORKS®, AutoCAD®, Mastercam®, DIFFSYS®, PTC Creo®) design programs. More importantly, AOS knows how to use these tools to get you to the solution you need.

We work with LED profiles and polymer optics for flexible strips, not only helping the heat dissipation but also creating hanging lamps, embedding flexible strips in the floor protecting them from footprints, etc.

Specialists In Fiber Optics For Lighting

Pioneers in the introduction of fiber optics for lighting, we are manufacturers of numerous light generators of different powers for any application where fiber optics excels: to bring light where it is unfeasible in any other way.

Illuminating art objects in museums without damaging them thanks to fiber optics is one of the clearest examples of what is achieved, as well as being able to illuminate a chocolate figure without melting it since fiber optics does not transmit heat. It could also be used to illuminate a swimming pool in a completely safe way, since the optical fiber does not conduct electricity.

To all this, we can add the beauty of architectural lighting using fiber optics, tiny points of light on the ceiling simulating stars that light up and turn off randomly, points of light at the bottom of a pool or fountain drawing borders of different colors turning something simple into a work of art.

Apollo Optics

We offer a complete range of illumination products using the most advanced technology with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing us to be the single best optics manufacturer company in the market. Projecting on sidewalks and facades, fair stands, department stores, etc., a commercial logo or any application for advertisers, window dressers, decorators, or just simple signage.

We offer custom work for the manufacture and design of lighting solutions regardless of the area of business you are in:

  • Projection Systems
  • Aircraft Lighting
  • Semiconductor Inspection Equipment
  • Barcode
  • Scanner/Print-head
  • Cameras
  • Solar Concentrators
  • Fiber Optics
  • Anti-counterfeit

Contact Apollo Optical today to get an estimate for your custom optical components and assemblies. Our team of associates is prepared to guide you through budget proposals, schedules and optical solutions that suit your situation. Wait no more!

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