Lens System Designing

If you need an optical lens designing solution for your product development or project, Apollo Optical has the best opportunities on the market. Our optical engineers have extensive experience in optical design of custom lenses and complete optical systems.

Most of our customers are companies that need optical design support, either to develop a new product or to improve the current optical system. If you want to check out our work, take a look at the following video: https://youtu.be/iHkSMO6V0Dg

Capabilities and experience

Over 40 years in the optical design business has granted our team of experts with an immense knowledge on the subject, allowing us the offer the greatest solution available.

From major optical (ZEMAX®, CODE V®, OSLO®) and mechanical (SOLIDWORKS®, AutoCAD®, Mastercam®, DIFFSYS®, PTC Creo®) design program, there are fewer companies more well-versed than Apollo.

To honor this legacy, we take into account varying optical surfaces, relative distances, materials, optical coatings, etc., always keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to achieve an efficient design.

Custom lens design

One of our specialties is custom lens design. We provide precise, high-quality designs so that all your lenses meet the characteristics required by each application, including aspects such as costs and manufacturing limits.

If you need to optimize the design of your lenses for manufacturing and make your product more efficient in the mass production phase, our team of experts will offer you the complete solution: optical design, material selection, tolerance analysis and optical performance… you will get an optical design with clear specifications, which will fit all requirements, technical and quality.

Each of the parameters is studied with the utmost accuracy and precision by our team of optical engineers, using all available techniques such as ray tracing to simulate the performance of each lens.

Imaging lenses and custom-made objectives

We provide a two-step method for lens system design for integration into imaging systems. They are key components for focusing the image of an object and allow an object to be viewed in various ways, depending on specific needs. Depending on the design of these lenses, we correct perspective errors, provide adjustable magnification or modify the field of view or focal length of the system.

We design custom lenses for fundamental imaging systems both visible spectrum (VIS) and infrared wavelength systems (IR, LWIR, MWIR, SWIR).

Lenses for laser collimation

Laser collimating lenses are used to convert diverging beams of light into parallel beams. At Apollo Optical we design custom laser collimating lenses and lens systems for various applications and spectral ranges, from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR). We have experience designing aspheric and achromatic lenses, compatible with various light sources such as laser diodes.

Typically, laser collimating lens systems are composed of several optical elements, at Apollo Optical we take into account all the necessary requirements to design the most suitable lenses: materials, entrance pupil diameter, wavelength, focal length and field of view.

Optical design for complex systems

Our successful imaging lens designs are currently being applied in different national and international laboratories and research centers and integrated into different medical equipment and devices, scientific instrumentation, defense systems, security, metrology and inspection systems, biomedical and other high-tech industrial applications.

If you’d like to understand more about our field of service, you can reach out to https://www.apollooptical.com/optical-and-mechanical-design/ or visit our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdf5R7SK1cqEoG-7zf5Ly9A to find tutorials on optical design.

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