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People have been wearing sunglasses for ages. However, with time, technology has been upgraded a lot. This has outshined all the previous methods instead now new technology has led to a wide range of options accessible. For this purpose, AOS provides remarkable polycarbonate optics.

FAQS About Our Polycarbonate Optics

Q) What are polycarbonate lenses made of?

Polycarbonate lenses are made of a thin, lightweight plastic characterized by impact resistance and UV protection.

Q) How do I remove scratches from polycarbonate lenses?

Polycarbonate lenses unlike plastic lenses are more powerful, thicker, and better prepared. This feature makes them less prone to scratches. They have a scratch-resistant coating over them. Often polycarbonate comes with a warranty which means if you scratch them sometimes they are replaceable.

Q) How are polycarbonate lenses different from glass or plastic lenses?

Polycarbonate lenses are not the same as glass or plastic optical lenses. They are found to be thinner, lighter, and 10 times more impact-resistant. This makes them more comfortable and goes an extra mile to provide safety to your eyes. Hence, they are even more expensive when compared in terms of cost due to the myriads of benefits they offer.

Q) Do polycarbonate lenses provide UV protection?

For everyone eyes are precious which demands safety. Well, Polycarbonate lenses also safeguard from harmful UV rays. To protect from ultraviolet radiation these lenses have natural blockers that secure your eyes from damage. The UV protection, combined with durability, makes polycarbonate lenses ideal for people who spend more hours active outdoors.

Q) Who needs polycarbonate glasses?

Being durable, lighter, shatterproof and as it provides 100% UV protection ophthalmologists often recommend polycarbonate lenses for children and adults who regularly play sports or who have active outdoor jobs to perform. They’re also an optimal choice for strong prescriptions as they do not add thickness when rectifying vision, minimizing any grimace.

Q) What are the benefits and disadvantages of polycarbonate lenses?

Like all other things, polycarbonate also has pros and cons. You should weigh both and then decide whether to go for it or not. Well, you should listen and take advice from your eye doctor. Here are some advantages of polycarbonate lenses:

  • They are durable.
  • Provide more safety and likewise promote better health.
  • 10 times impact-resistant than plastic eyeglasses, so low chances of breakage.
  • Scratch resistance gives them a long life.
  • They weigh light,
  • Don’t add thickness to correct vision,
  • Protect from sun’s UV rays.

There are also some disadvantages of polycarbonate lenses:

  • They are more expensive than regular lenses.

Q) What is the difference between polycarbonate and trivex?

Polycarbonate vs trivex eyeglasses lenses

  • Thickness: Polycarbonate lenses are about 10% thinner than Trivex lenses.
  • Weight: Trivex lenses are about 10% lighter than polycarbonate lenses.
  • Optics – central: Trivex lenses have less internal stress than polycarbonate lenses resulting in sharper central vision.
  • Optics – peripheral: Trivex lenses have a higher Abbe value than polycarbonate lenses. This causes sharper peripheral vision and less colored halos around lights.
  • Availability: Polycarbonate lenses are available in a wider variety of lens designs than Trivex lenses. (Photochromic lenses are available in both materials.)
  • Cost: Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses can vary considerably in price. But Trivex lenses tend to cost more than polycarbonate lenses.

Well, before choosing eyeglass lens material always consult a doctor. They will suggest the best lens type. Moreover, for excellent polycarbonate lenses for glass, you can always trust AOS where you can get incredible quality at a competitive price under one roof. Explore our custom optics: https://www.apollooptical.com/optical-and-mechanical-design/

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