Portable Truck Weight Scales

Are you in the market to buy portable truck weight scales? If so, you may consider turning to Massload Technologies for the lowest possible prices. Saving money in today’s troubling times has grown wildly crucial to competing in the trucking industry. Consumers turn to us at Massload Technologies for the best portable vehicle weight solutions because our inventory remains fully stocked.

Top Five Reasons to Buy Portable Truck Weighing Axle Wheel Scales at Massload

Portable truck scales are handy items to have readily available when you need them the most. You never know when you might need to check your current standings double when conducting business.

Staying ahead by one step is far better than falling a single pace behind your competitors. Please review the list of top reasons you should buy portable weight scales for trucks from our team at Massload Technologies.

  1. Impressive Weight Capacity – At Massload, we proudly offer a broad range of portable vehicle scales with remarkable weight capacities. For example, the Ultra Slim Wheel Load scale has a weight capacity of twenty to forty thousand pounds per pad. This model’s slim design makes it ideal for weighing small vehicle axles with minimal effort or trouble.
  2. LED Screens – Several of the portable scales offered at Massload Technologies come equipped with LED digital display screens. The Standard Wheel Load scale has a sealing standard that protects against dust, rain, and other damaging elements. Even under the most challenging conditions, the scales in our inventory of options will stand firm and steady.
  3. User Friendly – Our company only offers portable scales that are user friendly with detailed setup requirements. The Portable Weight in Motion option at Massload Technologies has a setup and breakdown process that only takes a few minutes. The model weighs approximately fifty pounds, which also adds to the easy setup.
  4. Rugged – Massload Technologies takes pride in offering durable products made with premium materials and craftsmanship. The Axle Pad scale comes with two and four-year warranty coverage for the truck’s load scale cells and the frame. The quick installation process adds even more appeal to the variety of scales available in our inventory.
  5. Accuracy – Accurate readings matter significantly in the trucking industry. Even the smallest miscalculations can lead to severe consequences that easily could have been avoided. The Permanent Weight in Motion scale offered by Massload requires little maintenance and slow speed calculations. The dynamic, accurate weighing hovers around three percent to provide peace of mind, knowing you meet industry guidelines.

High Strength Steel Weighing Systems for Maximum Durability

Massload Technologies offers the widest variety of high strength steel weighing systems. The fatigue limits and ground requirements vary with each scale model, but our products’ integrity never wavers. At Massload, we consider how the foundation of portable scales can change the accuracy of readings.

Anyone currently seeking innovative weighing solutions at moderate prices should consider dialing 1-800-667-3825. Our staff at Massload will happily answer your questions and provide professional guidance relevant to your industry. Let us serve your needs today!

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