Powder Coating Aluminum

Is powder coating necessary to protect metal against rust and other damages? Is there another way to coat metal and maintain its excellent colour and finishing? Powder coating is a powder-based paint coating that layers on the metal using electrostatic charges. It is a popular method because it is highly effective and produces a thick and lasting effect with powerful bondage of the colour powder onto the surface. Powder coating is achievable for many kinds of metal, including the common ones like iron and aluminum.

The other couple of ways to coat aluminum surfaces of which include:

  • Natural paint
  • Powder coating
  • Anodizing

What You Need To Know About Anodizing Powder Coating Aluminum

Anodizing is an equally valuable process in comparison to the powder coating process. Still, you should know that it has distinct benefits and side effects that will result in entirely different results. Aluminum is an ideal pick for anodizing because it is the more common metal for everyday products that undergo a lot of physical stress and would fade faster.

The anodizing coating is much harder than the surface it goes onto and, therefore, more durable and resistant against harsh chemicals and environmental elements. The item is dipped into a bath containing electrolytes, and then a current is used to give the surface its layer of coating structure.

It is common for large products to have a more challenging time getting powder coating aluminum because of the limited size of electrolyte baths.

One similarity between anodizing and powder coating is that:

  • Both processes involve bonding the elements to the surface of the metal, and this ensures the layers last a lot longer

What are the differences? The process of coating metal with electrolytes is pretty straightforward, but you must note that results are vulnerable to the following weaknesses:

  • It is easier to apply a thicker coating of powder onto the metal, which means you will achieve a better resistance with powder coating than with anodizing
  • The volatile elements from powder coating can be trapped and reused for another application process
  • Powder coating aluminum will always result in a more rigid and more durable finishing that is resistant to peeling, chipping and scratches.
  • There is an endless selection of colour variants from colour powders

What You Need To Know About Thermoset Powders

This powder will bond to the surface once it cures, which means you cannot recycle the volatile elements and is more environmentally dangerous. Thermoplastic and thermoset powders are more expensive than powder coating, meaning you will spend a fortune to coat a large surface or many different items. Additionally, they are not as smooth as the results from a high-quality powder coat because the layer is a lot thicker.

Which One Will Last Longer?

Specialized coating products last longer in many locations because they are resistant to water and heat. You can use it for an affordable fee on all kinds of items and never worry about regular maintenance or the environmental impact. Are you looking to shop for powder coating colours or custom colour powder coating match services? Contact us for consultation and a free estimate.

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Powder Coating Aluminum

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