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AOS has the experience to assemble the most challenging polymer based optical products.

Although we have an industry-wide reputation for molding extremely high quality polymer optics, the Apollo team has been designing and assembling polymer based optical products for over 25 years.

Our experience ranges from UV cemented doublets to assembling 34 element endoscopes, with volumes ranging from a one-of-kind assembly to hundreds of thousands of assemblies per month. We believe that our UV bonding experience exceeds that of anyone else in the industry.

Combined with our extensive metrology capabilities, we provide consistently assembled quality products fabricated within all ISO, FDA and GMP protocols.

Our extensive lens design capability and materials knowledge ensures that your assembly will be consistently manufactured to your requirements.

Apollo Assembly

Coupled with our optical and mechanical design experience, diamond turning, injection molding, UV bonding capability, automation knowledge and strategic technology partners, we can provide assemblies from proof-of-concept prototypes to volume assemblies in the following forms:

  • UV bonded optics doublets and triplets
  • Air spaced doublets and triplets
  • Multi-element assemblies
  • Glass/Plastic Hybrid systems
  • Refractive/Diffractive Hybrid systems
  • Opto-medical devices
  • Opto-electronic devices

Assembly Methods

We utilize a variety of assembly methods to achieve your quality, quantity and cost requirements.

  • Mechanical assembly
  • Manual set-up for prototype requirements
  • Semi-automatic fixturing for low volume requirements
  • Automation for high volume requirements
  • UV bonding
  • Ultrasonic welding
Common Polymers for Optical Components graphic

Common Polymers for
Optical Components

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