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Metrology & Testing

Apollo has the right metrology equipment

Apollo Optical Systems has the right metrology equipment for confirming the quality of your optical parts. All optical components have specifications which are critical to their functionality. AOS has the ability to measure and confirm these optical parameters using a variety of very specialized equipment.

  • Zeiss Contura G2 Coordinate Measuring System (CMM)
    Molded parts are held in a precision custom fixture while a small probe scans across the mechanical and optical surfaces. The resulting data provides the location and shape of all pertinent mechanical and optical surfaces.
  • Form TalySurf System
    Contact optical profiler for measuring form of optical surfaces. Especially useful for measuring aspheric surfaces.
  • Olympus Nomarski Microscope
    Ability to magnify optical surfaces up to 1000X for viewing features and surface quality. Images can be captured on our color digital camera and shared with customer if requested.

  • Zygo NewView
    Scanning white light interferometer measures surface roughness, step heights and other topographic features.
  • Fisba Optik Phase 2 HR Digital Compact Interferometer
    Measures surface figure on smaller spherical parts.
  • Zygo PTI Interferometer
    Measures surface figure on larger spherical parts.
  • Strainoptics Polarimeter System
    Measures optical retardation on polarization critical optical components.

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