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Diffractive Optics components

Diffractive Optics

Apollo Optical Systems is an industry leader in diffractive optics technology.

Apollo Optical Systems is an industry leader in diffractive optics technology. Apollo has unmatched expertise in the design, analysis, and production of diffractive optical components and systems.

Diffractive optics technology provides new and powerful degrees of freedom for the lens design and optimization of optical systems.

Using diffractive optics, you can:

  • Create large aperture, lightweight optical elements
  • Correct wavefront aberrations
  • Create achromatic lenses using only a single optical material
  • Reduce the need for exotic materials
  • Improve the performance over conventional all-refractive systems
  • Significantly reduce system weight, complexity and cost

A diffractive optical element is an element whose fundamental operating principle is based on the wave nature of light. The scientists and engineers at Apollo have pioneered many of the fundamental developments in diffractive optics technology that have been instrumental in the transition of surface-relief, diffractive optics from the research laboratory to wide-spread commercial applications.

In the 1990’s, Apollo optical engineers achieved a key breakthrough in the fabrication of surface-relief diffractive lenses. Using single-point diamond turning (SPDT) methods, Apollo can now routinely achieve diffraction efficiencies in the range of 97% to 99% at the design wavelength(s), with RMS-surface finishes on the order of 1.5 nanometers! Diffractive lenses can be fabricated in a wide variety of metals and polymers. Give us a call to discuss your specific product requirements.

It is Apollo’s unique combination of lens design, fabrication, and metrology experience that makes it the industry leader for diffractive lens technology, and gives you and your products the competitive edge in the marketplace.


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