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Polymer Injection Molding

Creating Innovative Optical Solutions with Injection-Molded Polymers

Precision Polymer Molding: Apollo’s Commitment to Excellence

Apollo’s molding technology produces consistent, high quality parts exceeding or meeting all current industry standards. Our focus is on partnering with our customers to provide them with the required information through our experience and capabilities that will enable them to achieve their polymer-based optical product expectations. The key element to this process is the ownership that everyone at Apollo takes in every program that we are involved in. Our goal is to ensure that mutual success is a deterministic process.

Injection Molding & The Apollo Method

Our comprehensive approach to manufacturing polymer optics results in significant advantages for our customers. We internally provide all the critical capabilities required to ensure program success. These capabilities include:

  • Optical component and system design
  • Mechanical design
  • Mold design
  • Single point diamond turning of prototype polymer lenses and optical
  • Fixture design and fabrication
  • Packaging design
  • Low and high-volume assembly experience
  • Unique bonding processes for fabrication of polymer doublets and triplets.
  • Materials expertise
  • Scientifically approached mold processing
  • Extensive metrology capable of measuring any component we manufacture
  • Assigned Program Manager on every product we manufacture

We have the expertise and experience to develop the right solution for your optical requirements.

We combine our own internal capabilities with strategic technology partners to provide a full range of optical forms and services:

  • Spherical, aspheric and Fresnel surfaces
  • Diffractive surfaces
  • Custom optical diffusers
  • Microlens arrays
  • Anti-reflective and reflective evaporative coatings
  • Protective dip coatings
Common Polymers for Optical Components graphic

Common Polymers for
Optical Components

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