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Evaporative Coatings

Our expertise in diffractive and refractive optics has placed AOS at the forefront of the industry.

Anti-Reflection (AR) and Reflective Thin Film Optical Coatings

An anti-reflection coating is a dielectric thin-film coating applied to an optical surface in order to reduce the optical reflectivity of that surface within a certain wavelength range. Often the basic principle of operation is that reflected waves from different optical interfaces largely cancel each other by destructive interference.

AOS designs and builds all of its own coating fixtures in-house; this saves you time and money!

Substrate Materials

Coatings can be applied to plastic and glass. AOS’s specialty is coating polymer optics that are Single Point Diamond Turned or injection molded in-house.

Coating Material (Anti-Reflection and Reflective)

Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Magnesium fluoride, Silicon dioxide, Titanium dioxide, etc.


Medical, Virtual Reality, Head-mounted Displays, Augmented Reality, Automotive, Telecommunications, Biometrics, Machine Vision, Lighting, Security, Imaging, Scanning.

Durability (Damage Threshold)

Meet your adhesion, abrasion, temperature, humidity, and salt solubility specification from various ISO specifications.

Complete Evaporative Coating Solutions

AOS has the expertise in-house to design and fabricate a coating that will meet your needs.



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