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Blanks / Pucks

Polymer Raw Materials for Diamond Turning

Apollo Optical Systems is the world leader in polymer optics. As such, we understand the necessity for high quality raw materials during the prototyping and manufacturing processes. A common option for manufacturing prototype polymer optics is to single point diamond turn (SPDT) them.

Diamond turned polymer optics require the polymer raw material to be molded and/or annealed to match the material properties of an injection molded optic. Apollo Optical Systems’ Diamond Turning Blanks have been molded under the same processes as optics that are injection molded from the same material. This ensures identical performance between the prototype stage and production.

Blanks / Pucks are available unannealed or annealed. Stress measurements can be provided upon request.

Common Materials Available for use in Diamond Turning Blanks & Witness Samples

  • PMMA
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polystyrene
  • ZEONEX (COP) K22R, K26, T62
  • ULTEM 1000

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