There is no substitute for a thorough understanding of the fundamentals. This is as true for optical and mechanical design as it is for sports.

At Apollo Optical Systems , all of our design is guided by the philosophy that the best design comes from a complete understanding of both the problem and the physical and technological principles that underlie a successful solution. We work with our customers through all phases of the development cycle from design through prototyping to final manufacturing and assembly.

AOS has the in-house design expertise you need for a successful product. Having both optical and mechanical design under one roof allows AOS to provide an integrated opto-mechanical solution to your problem. Extensive metrology capabilities give you the confidence you need.

Consider AOS as your optical design manufacturing solution provider for:

  • Design for manufacture

    The unique combination of both design and production allows AOS to produce systems that work as both software and hardware.

  • Design verification of an existing optical design

    AOS can provide an independent analysis of your pre-existing design, to ensure that it will meet your needs.

  • Tolerance analysis

    Will the system work in the field? A complete tolerance analysis is a necessary component of producing a successful, cost-effective system.

  • Design for imaging and illumination (non-imaging) systems, including:

    Beam shaping optics, laser, and LED systems

AOS scientists and engineers have experience with the major optical (ZEMAX®, CODE V®, OSLO®) and mechanical (SOLIDWORKS®, AutoCAD®, Mastercam®, DIFFSYS®, PTC Creo®) design programs. More importantly, AOS knows how to use these tools to get you to the solution you need.

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