Apollo Optical Systems is the exclusive injection molder for RPC Photonics Engineered Diffusers.™ Compared to more conventional approaches such as ground glass or diffractive diffusers, the technology developed by RPC Photonics results in optical diffusers with superior performance and enhanced capabilities. Engineered Diffusers are not limited to circular, Lambertian patterns. The scatter pattern is controlled by the design, and may be round, square, elliptical, uniform, non-uniform – whatever you need.

RPC Photonics: Next-gen Optical Diffusers from AOS

Optical Diffuser Example 1
Optical Diffuser Example 2

RPC Photonics white paper on Engineered Diffusers

Engineered Diffusers are comprised of pseudo-random, microlens arrays. Each microlens acts as a scattering center. However, unlike conventional microlens arrays, each microlens element is individually designed and controlled, with no underlying repetitive features. The individual design of each microlens allows for the arbitrary control of the size, shape, and profile of the optical scatter distribution. The refractive nature of the diffuser features means that there is no zero-order in the scatter pattern (as might be found in a diffractive diffuser) and the Engineered Diffuser can operate in broadband light (i.e., white light) as well as in monochromatic illumination. The fabrication process used to produce Engineered Diffusers results in both a 100% fill factor for the microlenses and the capability for sharp edges in the scatter pattern. Engineered Diffusers can be designed for divergence angles as small as ±0.25 degrees and as large as a full hemisphere.

Sample applications for Engineered Diffusers

  • Gesture recognition
  • Controlled illumination
  • LED flashlights and streetlights
  • Aircraft lighting
  • 3D imaging and sensing
  • Architectural LED lighting
  • Front and rear projection screens
  • High-power projectors

For more information on Engineered Diffusers technology, visit the RPC Photonics website: http://www.rpcphotonics.com/.